Examine room.

Your name is ATTICUS. As was previously mentioned it is your 18TH BIRTHDAY. A number of BIRTHDAY CARDS and LEGAL RESPONSIBILITIES are scattered about your room. You have a considerable variety of INTERESTS. Most of which you neglect for months on end. You have a proclivity for the WEB and all its INTERWOVEN NETS. Which you conduct yourself on with a series of PINK ACCENTED CARICATURES. You like to draw SHITTY COMICS while leaving the real art to your BIG BRO. Your current staring contest record is 14 MINUTES. You smother your personal belongings in PINS AND STICKERS to show the man that you JUST DON'T CARE. You have a fondness for 2000'S "EMO", and your room is in a state of LAUNDRY FUELED DISREPAIR. And if you ever get such an inkling, you might spend your evening kicking it with some Simple Plan while booting up a VIDEO GAME or two.

What will you do?